Income Tax Services

  • Identification and implementation of tax planning opportunities for various Indian companies under the income-tax laws, so as to reduce their income-tax liability.
  • Tax assistance(along with tax experts of the host country) to various MNC’s in setting up a business presence in India to ensure that the investment structure is highly income- tax efficient, not only from an Indian tax view, but also from the perspective of the host country. This involves application of the principles of international taxation to the given facts.
  • Providing income-tax opinions on various complex and litigative tax issues to the clients.
  • Preparation and filling of income-tax returns for companies and other entities with the revenue authorities.
  • Advice regarding tax withholding compliances under the Indian tax laws to companies and providing assistance in implementing the same.
  • Preparation of applications for obtaining reduced tax withholding ruling from the Revenue authorities and liaising with the Revenue authorities for obtaining these tax withholding rulings.
  • Representing clients before the Revenue authorities regarding search & seizure cases.
  • Preparation and filing of income-tax returns for Companies and other entities with the Revenue authorities.
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